Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation & Refund Policy  for Digital Products :

  • In general Digital products once bought can not be cancelled and also no money will be refunded.
  • However if digital products are not yet delivered, then buyer can contact Rowthiram team through support channel or at email and/or phone numbers given at Contact us page. we will process the cancellation

Cancellation & Refund Policy  for Books and CDs :

  • Books and CDs which are damaged can be returned for another copy of Book or CD, or can be returned (minimum return authorization should be taken)  with in 15 days of it is bought so that full money can be refunded.
  • Here buyer should take care of returning the books and CDs to Rowthiram office address if return is not because of physical quality issues, all cost occurred for this should be taken care by the buyer.
  • If damaged Books are CDs are received by buyer then Rowthiram team will send fresh copies of book/CD and take the damaged products.

Cancellation & Refund Policy  for Magazine Subscriptions :

  • Magazines once send can not be taken back, so there is no cancellation possible.
  • However if subscription is cancelled in the middle, money will be deducted based on Magazines already delivered and remaining money will be returned. 25 years will be considered as period for Life time and Puravalar Subscriptions.


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